Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

4:20 Report

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

April 20, 2016Spring rains have brought higher flows back to the Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam.  We did not see the destructive run off that has affected the lower Colorado River, and it has only taken a couple of days for the river to begin to clear up.  That said, as of this report, flows are back into the high flow category, so wading the river is not advisable for most, if not all anglers.  If you do, make absolutely certain of your next step, and carry a wading staff.  One big upside, is that the Clackacraft is now back on the Guadalupe!

The fishing has been good to very good this Spring on the Guadalupe, water temperatures continue to hold in the low to mid 60s, and the trout continue to be happy and eating well. If this pattern holds, we should be seeing good trout fishing well into May this year!

The brown trout continue to enjoy their new home in the Guadalupe and have been willing to eat flies most days.

The biggest change we have right now for fishing is the return of the heavy split shot and longer leaders of the early part of the season.  Also, as mentioned before, but worth repeating, make sure to carry a wading staff.

Suggested flies:  Fly selections have not changed much over the last month.  Tricos in the morning, and caddis in the afternoons, with some other hatches mixed in.  With the return of the higher flows. larger and heavier attractor patterns will be in the mix, and so too will be patterns with a little bit of flash in them

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Warm Water Report

April 20, 2016:  Spring bass fishing has been good on a number of our rivers in the Hill Country.  We have had some rain influence on all of the rivers, but we continue to enjoy the added flow that those rains have brought.  The Llano has been my go to bass stream this Spring and is worth the drive for anyone wanting to see some native Guadalupe bass, mixed in with some healthy largemouth.

The Colorado River below Austin continues to see jumps in flow due to rains and to the resumption, for the first time in a number of years, of releases to farmers in the lower valley.  This has put the water color off at times, but we have had some windows where the fishing has been good, including a few days of topwater mornings.  I am picking an choosing my days on the Colorado right now, but am looking forward to more days in the coming weeks.

The Llano River continues to benefit from good flows from the rains, but has not seen the big spike in flows that has effected other rivers.  The South Llano has been fishing very well and the main Llano, in Mason and Llano Counties has been good most days as well.  My topwater bite has been limited, but we have had afternoons and evenings when the bass have been wanting froggie patterns on top.  Crawfish patterns have been my most productive patterns.

The San Marcos River has seen ups and downs with flows but reports have been good for early morning and evening fishing, with the fish deep on streamers in the mid day.  As air temperatures increase, so to will the bite on the San Marcos.

Suggested Flies will vary with the river.  Bigger flies for bigger fish.  Most (the vast majority) of our fishing this time of year will be with streamers with colors depending on the conditions.  Dark colors for stained or overcast conditions and light colors for sunny days or clear water.  Do not be afraid to tie on that popper or hopper on a warm afternoon or evening for a few minutes. It certainly is not worth the casts many topwater casts, but one blowup on top is worth five chucking meat.

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