Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

December 12, 2011Flows on the Guadalupe have remained constant from the last report and are currently holding at 56cfs.  The flows are low compared to most years, but we still have sections of the river that are nice for floating as well as numerous wade fishing locations.  One big thing to note from the last report: we are seeing numerous trout rising to dry flies!   We have had nice hatches of slate drakes and hexagenia that the fish have been working to on overcast days.  The fish are not rising in every spot on the river, but if you are out and see hexagenia (big, yellow mayflies) on the water, watch for fish to take those flies.  If you see a rise to a natural, you can switch over and work to an individual fish very effectively.  We are having better luck when we slightly twitch the fly, as to mimic a hex. trying to get off the water and into the air.  That being said, we are still having better work with nymphs and emergers with the better hatches being tricos, BWO and some caddis.

Another important thing about the early part of this season:  keep moving until you find fish.  We are seeing fish in groups and once you find one fish you will typically find more.  With the low flows it is very easy to spook fish as you walk along, so wade quietly and keep looking ahead for fish sitting in the deep cuts.  After you have hooked a fish, the other fish in the area tend to quiet for a few minutes.  Take your time and allow the other fish a chance to rest before going after them.

In addition to dries and nymphs, we are also having nice work with small streamers in the deep water with a soft hackle trailer.  Allow the flies to sink into the deeper pools and then quickly strip the fly with short, 2-4” strips.

Suggested flies: Patterns that have been effective in recent days include #12 Yellow Crystal Stimulator, #14 parachute adams, #16-18 soft hackle pheasant tails, #18 sparkle baetis,  #16 olive hares ear nymphs, #18-20 rainbow warriors , various stonefly patterns in the #14-18 range.  Smaller, lightly weighted buggers in olive & black.

Historical Guadalupe River Fishing Report for 2011, 2010 and 2009

Warm Water Report

December 12, 2011:  No change since the last report.

The Colorado River below Austin has slowed a little with the cooler weather but we have seen some nice days when we have had a string 3-4 warm days in a row.  Most everything has been on streamers and we have seen more Guadalupe bass than largemouth bass in recent weeks.  This is typical for this time of year as the LMB will tend to be suspended.  Still work longer leaders but fish the fly a little further off the structure and off grass beds to prospect for the largemouth.

The San Marcos River has nice flows but with the cooler weather is a hit-or-miss river for bass and sunfish.  Keep an eye on the weather and time your trip out for days that are in the 80+ degree range after a few days of highs above 70.  Streamers.

The Llano River continues to rebound from the low flows from this summer.  The South Llano seems to be fishing better than the main Llano, but like our other warm water streams is in a winter pattern, where the warmer days will produce more fish.  Like the Colorado, fish your streamers further off the bank to prospect for suspended bass.

Suggested Flies for warm water in the winter months is mostly streamers.  On sunny days with clear water you will do better work with white or chartreuse patterns and on overcast days switch to black & purple.  I will fish olive patterns and crawfish patterns in most any condition.  Keep to heavier flies (3/4 to 1 foot per second sink rates) and longer leaders in the winter months to effectively get your flies to depth.  It is also possible to switch to a short sinking tip line to get your fly down and keep it down.

Historical Warm Water Fishing Reports for 2011, 2010 and 2009

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