Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

December 14, 2015An additional week, and a nice addition of fish.  GRTU completed their second stocking this past weekend, and TPWD has their program in full swing.  This means more fish, and more fishing opportunities.  We are still in higher flows, which means floating is much preferred to wading right now.   If inflows and outflows continue to remain similar, we are looking to have higher flows for at least the next 7 to 10 days.

The fishing has picked up, not only because of the added fish, but also due to the longer term inhabitants having settled in a little more.

Besides the higher flows, we are seeing a good amount turbidity in the river, which is coming directly from the outflow of Canyon Dam.  This is due to the lake cooling, and will likely be a fact of life until either the flows moderate, or the warm and cool layers in the lake find a balance.   The practical side of the turbid water is that we are fishing darker shades for naturals, in order to create a better silhouette.  Patterns with a little sparkle in the wing, with a slightly darker body (olive, crimson, rust, gray) have been producing in these conditions.

Water temps range in the low to mid 60s, which is good for this time of year.

Be careful if you are wading out there.  While there are a number of spots that you can access at these flows, make sure to check where you are stepping before you commit to that step.

Insects have been the same over the past week, with the hatches of morning of tricos and afternoon midges, with a good mixtures of PMDs, baetis and slate drakes.  Caddis are fewer this week but still out on warmer afternoons.

Suggested flies:  Still fishing attractors with steady success.  Worms, eggs, etc.  We are seeing more eats on naturals in recent days, with the fly best matching the insects seen on the water.  Some of my favorites have been PMD nymphs and BWO nymphs in 16-18.  Still seeing some activity on patterns with a bit of flash, and have had good goes with slate drake and stonefly patterns.

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Warm Water Report

December 14, 2015:  We are in a late Fall/ early Winter pattern on our warm water rivers.  If there are consecutive warm days, the bass are still willing.  The bite is deeper and more subtle.

The Colorado River below Austin was fishing good to very good last week and then we saw 1-2 inches of rain over this past weekend that put some color in the river.  It was not a large rise, so the fishing should pick back up quickly.  Will give it until the weekend to settle

The Llano River continues to have a nice boost in flows from the rains.  Another shower in the area between Mason and Llano over the past weekend means that flows are as good for this time of year as we have had in many years.  Water temps are cool for bass, but, for those who love the Llano, make a trip out to Castell and say hello to Randy at the General Store.  He will tell you all about where they just stocked some trout on the Llano  The water on the Llano has been very clear, so if you do go out, be willing to get stealthy.

Suggested Flies will vary with the river.  Bigger flies for bigger fish.  Most (the vast majority) of our fishing this time of year will be with streamers with colors depending on the conditions.  Dark colors for stained or overcast conditions and light colors for sunny days or clear water.  Do not be afraid to tie on that popper or hopper on a warm afternoon or evening for a few minutes. It certainly is not worth the casts many topwater casts, but one blowup on top is worth five chucking meat.

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