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Guadalupe River Trout Fishing Report

December 7, 2016TROUT!  I will type it again: TROUT!  The trout season the the Guadalupe has begun, and we have had some nice days in the early part of the season.  GRTU and TPWD have both started their winter programs, with more fish hitting the water on a regular basis.  This is early season fishing, so expect hot fighting fish, which means a stronger tippet, but you do not need to worry too much about which fly you are tying on right now.  It is more about getting the fly over their nose and getting good drifts.  The recent rains means that we have very good flows (300 cfs on the Sattler gauge) right now, which means that a wading staff would be handy for those who want to probe ahead of their next step.  The colder water (in the low to mid 60 degree range) means that we have the winter tint on the water, and the recent rains means a little more color to the water as well.  The water color has been getting better each day, and the fishing has been good.

For those wanting to introduce someone to trout fishing or fly fishing, this is a good time of year to do so.

Suggested flies:  Fly selection for this time of year is a copy-pasta from prior years.  Click on the Prior Reports link below and look for late November and early December reports for more detail, but my typical setup right now is to tie on an attractor pattern (either a worm, egg, girdle bug or some other larger fly in the 12-14 range) with any of a number of standard (hares ear, pheasant tail, zebra midge in a 16-18 range) droppers.  This is also the time of year when I will fish a limited number of smaller streamers with success.  As the season goes on, the streamer bite can slow, but in the early season many trout will chase a bugger or zonker pattern.

Don’t forget the split shot, and do not worry so much about tippet size.  3X to my top fly and 4X to my bottom fly at the moment.

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December 7, 2016:

The Llano River near Castell is good The TPWD trout stocked trout on the Llano today at the three crossings between Llano and Castell. Scott’s Crossing (CR102), Schneider’s Crossing (CR103) and the Castell Crossing.  The flows on the Llano near Castell are very good right now, so watch your step when you are out there.  It is a cold tumble.  There are lots of midges and trios on the Llano, and the water is clear, so fish smaller flies with lighter tippet to start, and remember to bring your dry flies, as the trout on the Llano, unlike those on the Guadalupe, are more prone to taking flies off the surface.  This is especially true on warmer afternoons if there are any caddis or ants on the water.  Bass and other warm water fish will bee caught on streamers fished deep and slow, and their takes will be light

The South Llano River near Junction did was stocked with trout today at the South Llano River State Park.  Typically these fish see a good amount of fishing pressure, but you can expect to have a few week of steady trout fishing.  Water temps are colder now, so you might see a few sunfish and smaller bass on streamers on the warmer days, but you will need to fish deep and slow for most warm water fish at this point.

The Guadalupe River near New Braunfels has good flows, but water temperatures have cooled to the point that I will be spending more time fishing nymphs than bass streamers until some time in March.

The Colorado River downstream of Austin continues to have strong flows and you have to time your trip based upon the flows.  I was getting good bites last week on streamer patterns fished deep, with very light takes.  The Colorado can have some good bass days in the winter, but you will need to look for a series of warm days in a row and time your trip out to match the warmer days.  Sink tip lines would be handy.

The San Marcos River picked up this Fall, but with the cold weather, I do not anticipate any more days on the San Marcos until the Spring.  If you do go out, fish slow and deep.

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