Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

February 3, 2011Winter in Texas is a mixed bag.  Last week we were wet wading in 80 degree weather with sunny skies and this week we have 4 straight days below freezing and a call for snow.  Either way, the Guadalupe has been fishing well, with some of the better fishing coming on the coldest days we have seen all season.  I saw the best BWO hatch of the season on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 1.  They came off in the afternoon with dropping temperatures and and broken clouds as the arctic weather settled in over the Hill Country.  We had a few fish come to the surface, but the fish were mostly focused on the emergers, as the 20 mph winds blew the bugs all across the water as they dried their wings.  Otherwise we have seen nice hatches of various bugs, with the tricos and caddis being consistent on milder days and BWO and slate drakes on colder days.  Evening caddis hatches have provided some chances with dry fly fishing.  The water color on the Guadalupe is a little stained at this time, allowing us to use 4X tippet for our attractors and 5X to our naturals.  For streamers, I am using 1X or heavier.

I have seen and heard various reports on the red horse suckers getting aggressively eating and females filling with eggs ahead of their annual spawn.  Last season the sucker spawn was later due to in part to higher flows but in years when we have lower flows (this is one of those years) we see the spawn start in about the second or third week in February.  I have caught a few trout on sucker spawn patterns in the past couple of weeks, but am waiting to see the suckers in the shallows before I make the wholesale switch to sucker spawn patterns.  On the warmer days the hatch has come off better in the afternoon, with the fishing in the morning being fair to good and the fishing in the afternoon being good to very good.  On colder days, the fishing has stayed consistent throughout the day.

Flows are holding steady at 130 cfs and the floating has been nice.  Weekends still continue to be busy on the water, but the guide boats are spreading out nicely to give room for one another and to give wade anglers room as well.  Weekdays have been pleasant, with fewer other boats or wade anglers to be seen than on the weekends.

We still have additional upcoming work on Canyon Dam, with the schedule for future work by the ACoE to include dates in February (14-23), March (11-23), and April (18-27).  The fishing during the first round of work in January stayed steady, and I don’t anticipate any difference with the upcoming work.

Suggested flies: for the Guadalupe are dependent on the weather.  On the colder days I have had good work on smaller egg patterns in orange and pink as attractors and midges or gray RS2’s as naturals.  On warmer days I have had good work with beadless prince nymphs or olive hare’s ear nymphs as attractors and olive RS2’s and poly-wing midges in gray as naturals.  I have had nice days in both the warm and cold with various stonefly patterns in sizes ranging from #12-16, various WD40 patterns in gray and chocolate and have had good streamer work as well.  I have had better goes with attractor nymphs in the #12-16 range in general, but am staying away from bead head patterns, especially on sunny days.  Caddis patterns have been varied, but tan and brown in a #18 or #20 have been better than green.  Caddis dries include smaller (18-20) dry-mergers and low sitting dries in a tan or light brown.  Streamers in a #6-10 in olive, black and brown have all worked so long as we have gotten them deep enough.


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