Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

February 8, 2016: The Guadalupe continues to fish very well.   We have had a few days of colder mornings but very pleasant afternoons, with numerous cross hatches and many willing fish.

Flows have dropped to below 200cfs, so the access for wade fishing has continued to improve.  This has not affected our ability to float the river, and as of this writing, I have only had to wear waders on the raft once this season, which was due more to a cool day.   The reduction in flow has started to concentrate the trout, which, has caused some fish to move and others to move into areas that we like to fish.

The biggest change with the reduced flows has been the reduction in the size of split shot we have been needing.  Where we were using AB and BB shot when flows were above 300, now BB is needed only in the deepest of water, and I am using #1 for most of my fishing, or using two #1 (which has the same weight as one BB) for the deeper water.

Water clarity has been okay to good in recent weeks.  It appears that any time there is a change in flow we have a few days of tint to the water, but that tint moderates after 4-5 days.

Hatches have been regular and numerous in recent days.  We continue to see tricos in the mornings, with a good mixture of other mayflies in the afternoons, along with midges and caddis.  As compared to December and the first part of January, we are seeing many more fish eat the smaller naturals, though they continue to find some of the attractor patterns effectively.  This is especially true when we get into the early afternoon, and one hatch has come to an end and the afternoon hatch is just starting.

I have had a number of suckers taking a fly in recent days, which typically means that they are getting closer to their spawn, and I had a report of reds in the shallow gravel areas from another guide this past weekend.  I will likely start trying a sucker spawn pattern this week to see if the trout are interested, but we are likely to be another week or two from the actual beginning of the happy times of double eggs.

Suggested flies:  Attractors continue to include various stone fly patterns, though my sizes have gotten a little smaller (10-12) along with worm patterns, and especially the worms that like to squirm (stop in at Action Angler and and ask Prof. Squirm, aka Dave, all about the squirm) as well as a few egg patterns, though the egg bite is better for me early in the day.

Naturals are a wide variety.   I have been ranging in sizes from a #14 down to a #22, depending on the bugs I am seeing.  Midge patterns with a little red in them have been working well in the mornings, with olive and black colors working throughout the day.

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Warm Water Report

February 8, 2016:  Winter fishing is in full effect on our warm water rivers.  Pick and choose your days for bass.  Look for 3-5 consecutive days of warmer weather and fish on the day or two before the next front.  Fish deep and slow with streamers.

The Colorado River below Austin has been fishing well on the warmer days.  TxDOT has been doing work on the bridge at FM 973, and recent reports have noted that the water downstream of this work is off color and the access at 973 is closed.  Either fish upstream of this area, or go downstream to near Webberville to find clearer water.  The fish are still deep, and the bite is still light.  Better reports have come from those fishing conventional tackle, but a sink tip or full sinking line can get a fly to the fish as well.

The Llano River near Castell continues to be very clear.  Flows are around 100cfs, so it is a little shallow for floating, but very accessible for wade fishing.  The state stocked trout can be found near the crossing in Castell as well as downstream, at Scott’s Crossing (CR102).  For those who like to dry fly fish for trout, the Llano will be a treat.  Bring out your light rod and a hand full of dries in the afternoons and evenings and look for the rising fish. 

If you time it out right, and fish on days that are a little warmer, you can have trout, bass and sunfish all in one river.

Suggested Flies will vary with the river.  Bigger flies for bigger fish.  Most (the vast majority) of our fishing this time of year will be with streamers with colors depending on the conditions.  Dark colors for stained or overcast conditions and light colors for sunny days or clear water.  Do not be afraid to tie on that popper or hopper on a warm afternoon or evening for a few minutes. It certainly is not worth the casts many topwater casts, but one blowup on top is worth five chucking meat.

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