Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

January 24, 2011The first round of work to Canyon Dam by the Army Corp of Engineers has been completed. The fishing remained nice during the work and the variable flows associated with the work but we are happy to see the river back at a steady flow.  Flows are holding steady at 120 cfs and Canyon Lake is holding at just over one full below pool.  The mixture of bugs on the river over the past few weeks has been amazing.  In one 20 minute period this past week I saw a cross hatch of over 7 different types of insects.  This has made for interesting fly choices, with a wide variety of flies working.  I have not seen a single “go to” pattern but have a selection of about a dozen flies that all work at various times throughout the day.

I am starting to keep an eye out for red horse suckers moving into the shallows, as we are quickly approaching the time of the year in which they begin their spawn.  This will signal the beginning of some of the better fishing of the season as the trout key on sucker spawn patterns.

We did see a little slowdown in fishing in the latter part of last week and into the weekend.  This slowdown was after the flow changes stabilized and as the moon came full.  I am not a firm believer in moon phases for trout fishing but fishing slowed down on the Guadalupe again this month on a full moon, just like we saw in December and November.  In past seasons on the Guadalupe I have seen a little change in fish activity on a full moon, but it seems that the lunar effect is much greater this season.

The schedule for future work by the ACoE will include dates in February (14-23), March (11-23), and April (18-27).

Suggested flies: for the Guadalupe remain much the same and include a mixture of of attractor patterns and naturals.  My attractors include various color eggs in smaller sizes (18-20) as well as San Juan worms in most any color.  I haven’t had much success with bead-head attractors but larger olive hares ear nymphs and beadless prince nymphs have worked more days than not.  Natural patterns include smaller (18-22) RS2 patterns in both gray and black, as well as smaller pheasant tails, poly wing midges in gray and brown and various soft hackle patterns in olive, gray, black and tan. 


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