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Guadalupe River Fishing Report

January 10, 2012The mid winter (or what passes for winter in Texas) fishing on the Guadalupe has been good to very good in recent weeks.  Flows remain steady at 56 cfs and water temperatures are holding in the mid 50s.  We have see a wide variety of weather over the past few weeks, with cold and overcast days mixed in with warm and sunny.  On the overcast and cold days we are seeing nice hatches of blue winged olive mayflies (BWO) in the late mornings and continuing into the evenings.  On these days, mayfly nymphs and emergers have been our better flies.  On the sunny and warm days we have seen nice mixtures of midges and caddis.  The midges come off throughout the day and the caddis start to come off in the early afternoon and continue into the evening.  In between the hatches, and on most weather conditions, we have continued to have good work with small streamers in the deep pools.

The trout on the Guadalupe are keying more and more to the natural bugs in recent days.  Matching the hatch has become more important, as the fish have seen a lot of attractor nymphs to this point and are starting to shy from those patterns when there is a better hatch in favor for the more natural looking patterns.

Keep moving until you find fish.  With the lower flows, the fish do tend to group into areas with a little more depth and a little (it doesn’t have to be much) flow.  Once you find the fish, you can slow your pace and fish that area in more detail.

I have seen a number of rising fish on the river, especially on the overcast days and in the evenings in low light conditions.  For the most part, these fish seem to be taking emergers but a few are also taking adult bugs.  On the sunny days, in the evenings, a lot of the slashing rises we see are from caddis that are emerging.  A good technique for these fish is to tie on a #18 stimulator and put a #18 soft hackle hares ear about 14” below the dry.  Work on swinging/skittering the dry/dropper as the flies swing through the zone where the fish are rising.  This will duplicate a motion similar to what the natural bugs are doing.  For fish rising on overcast days, the BWO emergers or Parachute Adams seem to work in a #18-20.  These can be fished more on a dead drift, but a little movement on the fly can attract the fish that are keying to the baetis emergers.

Suggested flies: Patterns that have been effective in recent days include #18 Yellow or Orange Stimulator, #18-20 parachute adams, #16-18 soft hackle pheasant tails, #18 soft hackle hares ear, #18 sparkle baetis continues to be a go to fly,  #16 olive hares ear nymphs are working well on days when we see more caddis or slighter hatches, #18-20 zebra midges or mid-currents midges in olive and black, I am having mixed results with stonefly patterns in the #14-18 range and Smaller, lightly weighted buggers in olive & black on days when we don’t have a consistent hatch.

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Warm Water Report

January 10, 2012:  Some change since the last report.

The Colorado River below Austin has had some nice fishing days on the warmer days.  We have had good reports of big Guadalupe Bass caught on streamers on the days when the afternoon temps get into the 70s for a few days in a row and the morning temps don’t dip too low.  This is a great time of year to be on the Colorado.  A lot fewer people out and nice, clear water to fish.

The San Marcos River has nice flows but with the mid-winter temps has been more miss than hit  Keep an eye on the weather and time your trip out for days that are in the 80+ degree range after a few days of highs above 70.  Streamers.

The Llano River continues to rebound from the low flows from this summer.  The South Llano seems to be fishing better than the main Llano, but like our other warm water streams is in a winter pattern, where the warmer days will produce more fish.  Like the Colorado, fish your streamers further off the bank to prospect for suspended bass.

Suggested Flies for warm water in the winter months is mostly streamers.  On sunny days with clear water you will do better work with white or chartreuse patterns and on overcast days switch to black & purple.  I will fish olive patterns and crawfish patterns in most any condition.  Keep to heavier flies (3/4 to 1 foot per second sink rates) and longer leaders in the winter months to effectively get your flies to depth.  It is also possible to switch to a short sinking tip line to get your fly down and keep it down.

Historical Warm Water Fishing Reports for 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009


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