Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

January 18, 2016: The Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam is in prime form right now.  We are seeing lots of good cross hatches on the river, and numerous willing fish to the boat in the past two weeks.  It might not be silly fishing, but it is good to very good most days, especially when we have had a steady weather pattern over a few days time.  I am not in a rush on mornings when temperatures start in the low 40s or colder, as it does not seem that the bugs get going, and therefor the fish, until after the sun is up a little.

The most common conversation I have had with wade anglers has been about adding weight.  Flows are down, but there is still a lot of water.  I am getting away from only running AB shot, but that has been in favor of BB.  The difference between an okay day and a really good day is often one more piece of shot.

GRTU has completed their final rainbow stocking of the year, but we still have brown trout that should be arriving in the next month.  That is right, after 15 years, GRTU is going to give another go with brown trout.  It should add a lot of fun to the spring.

Flows have continued to drop (325 as of this writting) and should continue to moderate, as the lake is now just below the conservation pool level.  This has opened up a lot of water for wade anglers, but is still flowing well enough that a wading stick can be helpful.  I have seen a couple of wade anglers go for a swim in the past week, and managed to fall in, myself, about 10 days ago.  Nothing like a shot of cold waters down the front of your waders to take your breath away and wake you up.

Float fishing still means no waders needed.  In addition, I have been enjoying doing some floats on the lower stretches of the trout zone, which has been nice for many anglers who have seen the Rio to L&L float enough times to know all the names of the rocks along the way.

I still am seeing lots of people hitting the water before the sun is up, especially on weekends.  I still have to shake my head at the early birds.  This is not bass fishing.  Take your time, enjoy your morning coffee; those leaky waders can wait until the sun is up a little and the temperatures are above freezing. 

Suggested flies:  Continues to be a broken record of attractor and natural.  Seen a little better worm bite on the attractor than earlier in the season, but larger naturals (10-12) have also worked well as top fly attractor patterns.  Naturals are determined by the bugs we are seeing.   Tricos remain good in the mornings, and slate drakes and other mayfly patterns in the afternoons The color on the water has me away from the tiny tiny bugs, but running naturals in the 14-18 range has been productive.  Something to keep in mind:  We should start to see the sucker spawn in the next couple of weeks.

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Warm Water Report

January 18, 2016:  Winter fishing is in full effect on our warm water rivers.  Pick and choose your days for bass.  Look for 3-5 consecutive days of warmer weather and fish on the day or two before the next front.  Fish deep and slow with streamers.

The Colorado River below Austin has been fishing well on the warmer days.  The fish are deep and the bites are subtle.  Streamers are the way to go right now.

The Llano River near Castell is gin clear right now.  There are still trout to be had, as well as burgers and BBQ at the general store. 

If you time it out right, and fish on days that are a little warmer, you can have trout, bass and sunfish all in one river.

Suggested Flies will vary with the river.  Bigger flies for bigger fish.  Most (the vast majority) of our fishing this time of year will be with streamers with colors depending on the conditions.  Dark colors for stained or overcast conditions and light colors for sunny days or clear water.  Do not be afraid to tie on that popper or hopper on a warm afternoon or evening for a few minutes. It certainly is not worth the casts many topwater casts, but one blowup on top is worth five chucking meat.

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