Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

July 12, 2016

Warm Water Report

July 12, 2016:  The dog days report is one of nice fish and hot days.  Pack plenty of water, and get out there early, and expect to see some nice mid-summer bass fishing throughout the area.  A mixture of topwater (early and late) and steady streamer fishing (mid-morning to early afternoon) has made for some very nice fishing in the past month.  The big rains we had in late May and early June have contributed to this dynamic, keeping many of our rivers at good to very good levels well into the summer months.

The Colorado River is fishing very well right now.  Flows were finally reduced about 10 days ago, and conditions have been excellent in recent days.   Good water clarity and willing fish.  This past weekend included some of the most productive Guadalupe Bass fishing I have seen on the Colorado in many years.  Get out early and fish until early afternoon, or late afternoon until dark. Yellow poppers that make noise.  Look for fish in or near moving water.

The Llano River in Mason and Llano Counties has been fishing very well for the past 5 weeks, and continues to do so.  Some of the biggest largemouth bass I have ever seen on the Llano have been caught this Spring and early summer.  Flows on the main Llano are now getting a little too low to float a full day, but I do have a couple of half day stretches that continue to be productive.  Much like the Colorado, it has been a mixture of topwater early and late, and streamers in mid-morning to early afternoon.  Some of my best fishing on the Llano has been between noon and 3pm.  We have implemented a stop-and-swim program on the Llano, where every so often we stop fishing, find a nice swimming hole, and take a break from the hassles of catching fish.

The South Llano River near Junction continues to benefit from the Spring rains, and while it is a little off color, it has been fishing well with streamers and a little with poppers.  Most of the fish seem to be in the moving water, or just adjacent to the moving water.  Flows should remain good for while, and so, too, should the fishing.  Yellow streamers!

The San Marcos River is the one river that seems to be slowest to return to good fishing this Summer.  There is still a little tint to the water, but the fishing is starting to pick up.  I have been thinking that it needs “another 7 days” to turn on for the past few weeks, and suspect that will prove true in the near future. 

The Guadalupe River near New Braunfels continues to fish well for smallmouth on topwater, and we have had some nice half days on the river, getting out ahead of the crowds, on the weekends.  Streamer fishing has picked up, and we have had some nice striper fishing closer to Sattler.  Canyon Lake is still full, and we can expect good to very good flows from the Guadalupe throughout the summer.

Suggested Flies will vary with the river.  Hoppers and little froggie poppers on the Llano, poppers that make a lot of noise on the Colorado, yellow streamers on the S. Llano and a mixture of buggers, clousers and other assorted streamers throughout the area.  Getting close to the structure/bank seems to be the most important part of getting a reaction.  I have seen MANY fish with crawfish in their gullets this year, and have continued to have good work on crawfish patterns throughout the area.

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Guadalupe River Trout Fishing Report

July 12, 2016: We are in summer mode on the Guadalupe.  I would encourage anyone thinking about trout fishing to wait until the fall.  Water temperatures are above a safe threshold for targeting trout.

Suggested flies:  Fish for bass.

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