Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Trout Fishing Report

March 2, 2017:   The BIG water report.  Flows are currently at 1050cfs on the Sattler gage.  This means that floating is great and wading is a no go. At these flows, we are currently floating much longer sections of the river.  What, at lower flows would be a full day float, is now easily a half day.  This means more weight, longer leaders and bigger flies.  It also means that you often only get one shot at a good fish and reminds me of the Colorado River around Pump House, as we are fishing on the move, with a few spots we can eddy out and cycle back through and area.  As a float, it has been a lot of fun, though you need to be a little more on your game when making mends and playing fish.

The bite remains good throughout the trophy zone, as the fish have adjusted to the higher water, and are eating in the softer water.  We continue to see good hatches of tricos in the mornings, with BWOs mixed in throughout the day and caddis in the afternoons.  On the lower part of the trophy zone (downstream of Third Crossing) the slate drakes have been good on warmer days, and if you can get an overcast afternoon with the slate drakes, we are seeing fish rising on the flat water in places, as well.  Do not take this to mean that all the fish are rising every day, but have a selection of trico dries and slate dries if you are going to be out on an overcast day.

The sucker spawn has come to a close, though the trout still eat the egg more days than not.  Bigger worms in red/pink have also been working as an attractor, and the caddis emerger bite (tan, size 18) remains the most consistent bite on the river.

GRBA sent out an email on March 1 saying that they anticipate the higher flows through March 7, and then will reassess.  We have a bit of a call for rain this weekend, but if flows stay up, we should be back to more normal levels before Spring Break arrives.

Suggested flies:   Big worms, eggs, caddis emergers in the afternoons and trico/bwo in the mornings.

High Flow Tip #1: Until the flows get below 600, it is time to float

Hight Flow Tip #2: Now is a great time to take a float trip.  Just sayin’.....

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Warm Water Report

March 2, 2017: 

The Llano River near Castell is flowing well and I am getting good reports on streamer bites on warmer days.  We just had another front through, and it is certainly early in the season, but our good Spring bass fishing is just about here.  I will start my scouting on the Llano in earnest this next week, and anticipate that by mid-March I will be spending more days in the western Hill Country.

The South Llano River near Junction has continued good flows.  Pick and choose your days and fish deep with streamers. 

The Guadalupe River near New Braunfels has high flows.  I am seeing a number of BIG bass staging ahead of the spawn.  On warmer days trout fishing, also set up a streamer rod for bass and pound the banks as needed for a trout/bass combo.

The Colorado River downstream of Austin is in a big water cycle right now.  Full lakes means sending water down to the rice farmers in the lower part of the valley.  Long and short: until flows moderate, I’ll be fishing elsewhere.

The San Marcos River is still flowing very well.  I have heard some mixed early reports from the San Marcos, but it is still a bit early for me.