Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

March 24, 2011The Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam continues to fish well for trout.  We are seeing very good trico hatches in the mornings and good hatches of midges throughout the day and the sucker spawn continues to produce nice fishing.  Our best fishing has been early and late, with slower fishing in the mid day, as the fish sulk when the sun is high.  On cloudy days we have seen good fishing throughout the day.  One of the more interesting aspects of fishing in the past week has been the number of bigger fish we have been catching.  While the fish in the 15-17 inch range continue to feed throughout the day, we have seen an increase in the number of fish 20 inches and better taking a fly. Flows continue to hold steady at about 130 cfs and we are seeing nice water temps in the upper 50s to low 60 range.

The scheduled work to Canyon Dam has been delayed and we do not expect to have any changes to flows until early April.  I have been getting weekly updates from the Army Corp and will update the report as soon as the next schedule change is announced.

Suggested flies: for the Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam include trico nymphs and emergers in the morning and midge and caddis patterns in the afternoon.  Attractors include sucker spawn patterns, prince nymphs & hares ear nymphs.

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Warm Water Report

March 24, 2011: 

The Colorado River below Austin is fishing very well at this time and has been my preferred river so far this spring.  We have seen steady work on crawfish and Clouser minnows throughout the day and have had very nice goes on poppers in the afternoons and into the evenings.  The Colorado has some of the better fishing for bigger bass of any river in the Hill Country and it is not uncommon to have goes at largemouth in the 4-5 pound range with steady fishing for bass in the 1-3 pound range.

The San Marcos River is waking up and has been producing some nice small mouth fishing this spring.  Patterns for the San Marcos are similar to the Colorado, in that crawfish and baitfish patterns work well throughout the day and we have seen some nice days with poppers as well.

The Llano River is the one river that seems to be most affected by the lack of rains this spring.  Flows on the Llano in Llano are at 75cfs, which is about 33% of our average for this time of year.  That means that the water in the Llano is warming up a little sooner than in most years but means that floating will be very difficult through most sections of the river.

Suggested Flies for bass in any of our rivers currently include various crawfish patterns, Clouser minnows in white & chartreuse or white and gray, weighted buggers in black, olive and jig patterns such as Jaw Breakers or Meat Whistle patterns in olive and rusty brown.  Poppers are working well in the afternoons, with better colors including white, chartreuse, yellow and orange.

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