Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

November 24, 2015

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

November 24, 2015Winter is Coming (yea, yea, kinda cheesy, but with lows in the thirty's and the sudden need for a fleece jacket, this is about as close as we get in Texas to declaring that WINTER IS COMING) and with it comes trout fishing.  Flows have moderated, and, as of this report, we are expecting flows to drop once again, as Canyon Lake falls below the mythical number of 909’ above mean sea level, which means that the Army Corps will soon be turning over control of the releases to the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority.  What does this mean? It means that we will soon be seeing VERY wadable flows on the Guadalupe below Canyon Dam, just in time for our winter trout season to kick off.

Not to be forgotten, we still have MANY stripers in the river, that love to eat trout, so bringing a big stick, with some crawfish or streamers to target the striped trout munchers, can boost the excitement for your day.

We are seeing good hatches of both tricos and caddis, with some PMDs mixed in.  It is a typical early season mixture of bugs (wink, wink) that includes midges, buggers and all things buggy.

Suggested flies:  Open your box, take a look.  Fish an attractor over a natural.  If they don't eat that, try something else.  This ain't rocket science.

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Warm Water Report

November 24, 2015:  Flows are back down from the storms of All Hallows Eve, and the fishing has been back up.  Granted, our warm water friends do not care much for the types of conditions that make trout friendly, but we are still seeing some warmer days in the mix, and, with it, warm water fishing.  Pick and choose your day and you can have some very nice late season fishing.  Go deep and slow most days for the most success.

The Colorado River below Austin still shows signs of the rains from late last month, but has been recovering slowly iin recent weeks.  The further downstream you go down stained water you will see, but the fishing has been rebounding with the help of big streamers in dark colors.  Fish just ahead of a good front, and you will find some fat fish wanting to fatten up even more. 

The Llano River had a nice boost from the rains and has had some good fishing days of late.  Flows are back down on the main Llano, but there is still good flows on the upper Llano and the South Llano for floating.  The Llano runs shallow for most of it's course, and cold weather will have a greater effect on the Llano, so pick those days when we have had a string of warm days in a row and look for fish holding deeper or next to structure.

The San Marcos River is still a river that flows in the Hill Country, but I haven't fished it since the rains, so I have not report to give on the San Marcos right now.  I will say that my favorite time to fish the San Marcos is in the Summer.   You might check with Johnny or Marcus..

Suggested Flies will vary with the river.  Bigger flies for bigger fish.  Most (the vast majority) of our fishing this time of year will be with streamers with colors depending on the conditions.  Dark colors for stained or overcast conditions and light colors for sunny days or clear water.  Do not be afraid to tie on that popper or hopper on a warm afternoon or evening for a few minutes. It certainly is not worth the casts many topwater casts, but one blowup on top is worth five chucking meat.