Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

November 6, 2015Big rains in the past few weeks has brought big water to the Guadalupe.  Canyon Lake is FULL and we are looking at having some of the best flows for a trout season that we have seen in many years.  With the current release schedule, we can expect to see high flows for about 5 more days and then a moderation to flows that are excellent for float fishing the Guadalupe.

It is not likely that we will have much wade fishing in the early part of the trout season, but we are likely to have some of the best water conditions for trout for half and full day floats.

Start clearing your calendar for early December!

Suggested flies: Whitewater rafting gear.

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Warm Water Report

November 6, 2015:  Similar to the Guadalupe, our other rivers have gotten a big boost in flow in the past few weeks.  The conditions on the San Marcos are probably the least favorable for quality fishing right now, but the Colorado is getting back into shape quickly and the Llano is looking better than it has in years.

The Llano River has gotten a nice boost from the rains, and with the worst of the deluge falling downstream of the Llano drainage, the Llano is looking good to very good for fishing right now.  Flows on the river are at or above 100 cfs, throughout the drainage, and flows in the Junction area are some of the best we have seen for fall fishing in many years. If you are willing to take the drive, the Llano can provide some nice opportunities right now.

The Colorado River below Austin got a big bump in flows recently and the river nearest to Austin has come down but conditions continue to be less than favorable for fishing at this time.  Typically we can expect another week to 10 days before conditions get closer to normal for the Colorado

The San Marcos River below San Marcos, and especially below the confluence with the Blanco River took another major influx of runoff from the recent rains.  Not the place for the moment.

Suggested Flies will vary with the river but more in size than in color.  For the Colorado, fish larger patterns in the #4-3/0 range and for the San Marcos and Llano fish patterns in the #4-8 range.  Streamers include various clouser minnows, most any wooley bugger or crawfish pattern.  On clear water/sunny days, go lighter in your colors such as white or chartreuse and on Overcast/stained water, go with darker colors such as black or purple.  You can fish rust and olive patterns most any day.  Poppers are more by the color, with yellow, green and red working well.

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