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Guadalupe River Trout Fishing Report

November 8, 2018:   We are in the pre-season for trout on the Guadalupe.  Despite the low flows and warm weather this summer, we are seeing holdover trout in the first 5 miles downstream from Canyon Dam.  GRTU and TPWD stocking programs will be kicking off in earnest very shortly, so stay tuned for updates.  If you are trying to pick a late November date for a trip, reach out to me by phone, text or email for the latest information.

Suggested flies:   Early season flies are in.  Wooley buggers, standard nymphs (think prince nymph, pheasant tails, and hares ear nymphs, with a mix of zebra midges), along with attractor patterns such as eggs (trout pellet colors

Tip #1:  Return of the high water means checking flows before you go.  Read More about fishing the Guadalupe a higher flows

Tip #2:  The TPWD stocking program dates for 2018-19 have been released with the first state trout arriving on the Guadalupe on December 7.   Historically GRTU will stock prior to TPWD.

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Warm Water Report

November 8, 2018:  After the Big Water Report

The San Marcos River is fishing well in the late season.  Warmer days are better days. I have had quite the mixture of days on the San Marcos this Fall.  Some days are sunfish days and others are bass days.  Fish have seemed to move into slightly deeper water, so streamers are fishing better now for me than topwater, but I am still seeing some nice hopper afternoons on warmer days.

The Llano River near Castell is running clear after two big rises.  We saw two big rises in just over one week on the Llano in early October, and the river has changed substantially from those rises.  Gone is all of the muck and most of the willows and salt cedar that had slowed and choked parts of the riverbed.  The river looks much like it did after the 1997 flood, with lots of bare sandbars. Flows are still well above average, with the gage at Highway 87 above 600 cfs and the Llano at Llano above 1500 cfs.  Average flows for this time of year on the Llano is 150 cfs

I have not wet a line on the Llano since the flood, but do expect to take at least a look before the cold settles in this winter.  It may be the Spring before the Llano is back in shape.  Despite the big rises, I expect that the Llano is healthy overall and that, if the 1997 flood (was within .5 feet of the 2018 peak) is any indicator, that we should see bugs back in numbers very quickly and a recovering fishery by Spring.  I’ll keep checking the Llano and will add more information here as the recovery continues.

The South Llano River near Junction was affected in a greater degree than the main Llano, mostly because it is a smaller river channel vs. the Llano near Castell.  I do not have a fishing update for the S. Llano at this time but can report that the South Llano River State Park has reopened.  The bridge on Flatrock Ln. in Junction is still closed and numerous other crossings and access points around Junction remain affected from the flooding. 

The Guadalupe River near New Braunfels is in Fall bass conditions.  Warmer days have been better days with streamers being the better technique.  Fish deep and slow.  Consider fishing conventional for those really picky bass.

The Colorado River downstream of Austin is still running very high (about 10,000cfs) as water continues to be released from Lake Travis to pass the flood waters from the Llano and upper Colorado to the coast.  Flows should moderate in the next few weeks and then the report will change on the Colorado.

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