Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Report for October 23, 2015

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

October 23, 2015The Guadalupe below Canyon Dam benefited this summer from the minimum flow agreement between GRTU and the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority and we are seeing more and better holdovers of trout than any year since 2007.  Impending rains means that we are likely to see the lake at full throughout the first half (and possibly the entire) trout fishing season.  It is still a little warm to target trout, but we have also had some nice smallie fishing on the Guadalupe this fall, with reports of stripers below the dam as well.  If the current weather patterns hold, we can expect to see cooler days and better trout opportunities in a few weeks.

Suggested flies: Streamers, poppers for bass.  Still a little early for trout

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Warm Water Report

October 23, 2015:  Warm water fishing in the area has been good in most areas this fall.  We saw higher than average temperatures throughout September and most of October, but are now seeing a series of cool fronts, that have made for nicer conditions for our fall bass season.  In addition to the cooler weather, the fronts have also brought us some much needed rain this fall.  The rain will affect the fishing in most areas, as the fish tend to go off the bite immediately after a larger rain event, but will help us in the mid to long term, as river rises the fishery to recover from the previous few years of little to no water.

The Llano River has been most affected by the drought, and flows on the Llano have stayed below 100cfs for most of the Fall.  While the fishing has been good, navigating the river has been the more difficult aspect of this most favorite spot in the Hill Country.  Let’s look and see what the impending rains do to help flows, with an eye towards good fishing in the late fall.

The Colorado River downstream of Austin has been fishing well throughout the summer and into fall.  Now that temperatures are coming down, we are having more days with steady fishing in the mid-days.

The San Marcos River flows at San Marcos have been good all summer and into the fall, with better fishing on the banks and deadfalls, as compared to the Llano.  The river has changed in places from the spring flooding, but has rebounded nicely.

Suggested Flies will vary with the river but more in size than in color.  For the Colorado, fish larger patterns in the #4-3/0 range and for the San Marcos and Llano fish patterns in the #4-8 range.  Streamers include various clouser minnows, most any wooley bugger or crawfish pattern.  On clear water/sunny days, go lighter in your colors such as white or chartreuse and on Overcast/stained water, go with darker colors such as black or purple.  You can fish rust and olive patterns most any day.  Poppers are more by the color, with yellow, green and red working well most days.

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