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Guadalupe River Trout Fishing Report

October 30, 2017:   Fall weather is upon us and with that comes thoughts of trout on the Guadalupe.  This Fall looks to be especially good, as I can report that we have holdover trout in the Guadalupe, and water temperatures are already consistently in the low to mid 60s, with some of the temperature monitors reading in the upper 50s at this time.  Throughout the late Summer and into Fall I saw trout (don’t worry, we were bass fishing and leaving the trout to their own devices) as far downstream as the Ponderosa Bridge and wouldn’t be surprised if there were trout even further downstream, given the mild water temperatures we saw on the Guadalupe in the peak of Summer.

I don’t expect the first GRTU stockings for a little while, but the holdover fish will give anglers a chance to target smarter, more seasoned and hardy fish; something we have not had in any good measure in a few years on the Guadalupe.

Flows are low, and wading will be easy throughout the river right now.  Just watch your step, as the early season will mean you are wading areas that haven’t been tread in some time, so the likelihood of kicking up much or some summer toobing debris is increased right now.

I would also suggest keeping any caught trout in the water as much as possible on the warmer days, simply to minimize the stress and help them continue to thrive in the river.

Also, consider brining a striper rod, as there are a number taking up residence in the deeper waters of the river right now.  Let’s get them before they get the stockies.

Suggested flies:   A good mixture patterns, but go more natural than you would normally think in the early season, as the fish are seasoned, wise and more keyed in on natural patterns. I have seen a number of midges in recent weeks.  That said, I have had some big trout chase some streamers, through they do tend to follow them more out of curiosity than hunger.

Tip #1: Fish in the mornings

Tip #2:  Fish are tending to hold in the deeper pockets with some flow.


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October 30, 2017: 

The Llano River near Castell is running low and clear.  Good Fall fishing right now on streamers but you have to be willing to wade, as flows are too low for easy kayaking.  Some topwater in the evenings.

The South Llano River near Junction is running lower than average, but is accessible by kayak.  Streamers most of the day (yellow still remains my favorite color) with some topwater in the evenings.  Cool fronts will start to affect the South Llano, so keep an eye on the weather before you go out.

The Guadalupe River near New Braunfels has been good in the afternoons for some time now.  Flows are low, so wading is easy.  Most everything I have seen has been on streamers, though I did have a couple of good blowups on big poppers late in the evening in the past few weeks.  Stripers are also in the deeper waters of the river, so bring an 8wt and big, light colored streamers for those opportunities as well.

The Colorado River downstream of Austin is clear in places and off color in others.  No big changes in flows, but flows are low compared to what we are accustomed to in the Spring and into the Summer.  I’ve had a couple of good days in recent weeks, but those have depended on clearer water and moderate flows.

The San Marcos River is the most consistent flow of any river in the Hill Country at this time.  I have had some good days in recent weeks and a few really good days, as well.  Still mostly streamers, hitting the faster waters and pockets adjacent to fast water.  Caught the best Rio Grande Cichlid I have seen all season on the San Marcos this past week.  Light colors and strip fast.  Flies don’t have to be big, they just have to get to the fish.

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