Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Warm Water Report

October 4, 2011: 

The Colorado River below Austin is one of the few rivers in the Hill Country that has good flows this summer.  The fishing has been good to very good most days, with a mixture of top water and streamer fishing.   The good flows this summer were due mostly to the LCRA releases through Town Lake for agricultural downstream use.  The LCRA has stepped back on the daily peak flows, which means slightly less flow and much less mud in the river on peak flows.  The daily cycle is currently 500 cfs on the low & about 2500 cfs on the peak.  You still need to time your put in based upon the daily cycle of flows to catch the river as it is falling from peak flows.  Use both streamers and poppers fished closed to the bank for best results and try to fish early and late to avoid the heat.

The San Marcos River has seen a slight increase in flows from the San Marcos springs, and while still below historical flow averages is fishing well.  We have seen good days on poppers in recent weeks and the summer toober crowd is pretty much gone.  Work the banks and dead falls in the areas adjacent to current for better results.

The Llano River is very low at this time but has rebounded slightly from cooler temperatures (less evaporation) and some slight rains in the area that have helped boost the springs.  If you do get out, make sure that you fish early and play the fish quickly, as the warm water temps will stress even the hardiest of bass.  Hoppers, poppers and small buggers all work well on the Llano in late summer and into the fall.

Suggested Flies for the warm water streams in the Hill Country include most any popper in the #4-12 range, with better work coming on froggie patterns and poppers that move a lot of water such as VIP poppers.  Streamers such as Clouser minnows, crawfish patterns and buggers in various colors and weights are working well.

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

October 4, 2011The flow on the Guadalupe below Canyon Dam are currently holding at 73 cfs, which is a slight improvement over the 65 cfs we had throughout the summer.  Even with the drought and low flows, the water temperatures have remained cold enough for trout to survive in the first 5-6 miles of river below Canyon and in some of the deeper water below the 6 mile mark.  Given the severity of the drought and the low flows it has been surprising at the number of nice hold over fish that still remain in the river in the upper stretches.  If you have to get out, please consider fishing very early in the mornings, playing your fish quickly, keep the fish in the water while removing the hook, and spend extra time allowing the fish to revive before releasing.  That being said:  for those wanting to wet a line, consider fishing the river closer to Gruene and target bass and sunfish.

Suggested flies: None at this time for trout.  For smallies & sunfish, any of the patterns listed in the warm water report will work.


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