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Guadalupe River Hatch Chart and Suggested Patterns

Matching the hatch on a trout stream is quite often the difference between having a good day and having a great day.  On the Guadalupe River, we see a diverse number of insects throughout the year, and in the late winter and early spring see very good cross hatches of bugs.

The hatch chart provided here is intended to be a general guide.  Quite often we will see a hatch of bugs outside their typical times of the year but the insects and time ranges listed below are when we most often see a particular hatch.

Guadalupe River Hatch Chart

Suggested Patterns to Match the Guadalupe River Hatches

  • Standards (work throughout the year)
    • Pheasant Tail Nymph (Sz 16-20)
    • Prince Nymph (Sz 14-18)
    • San Juan Worm; Red, Tan, Orange (Sz 14-16)
    • Eggs; Peach, Yellow, White, Red (Sz 16-20)
    • Hare’s Ear Nymph; tan (Sz 16-20)
    • Copper John; Copper, Red (Sz 16-18)
  • Midges (our most common hatch)
    • Zebra Midge; black (Sz 18-24)
    • WD 40; black, gray, chocolate (Sz 18-24)
    • Black Beauties (Sz 20-24)
    • Tailwater Emerger (Sz 18-20)
    • Brassie (Sz 20)
    • Red Hot (Sz 18-20)
  • Blue Winged Olives
    • RS2; gray, olive (Sz 18-22)
    • Pheasant Tail; Natural, Black (Sz 18-22)
    • Mercury Baetis; Gray, Olive (Sz 18-22)
    • Mercer’s Poxy Back Baetis (Sz 18-22)
    • BWO Emerger, Olive (Sz 18)
  • Trico
    • RS2; black (Sz 20-24)
    • Pheasant Tail; Black (Sz 20-24)
    • Trico Spinner; Black, Cream (Sz 20-24)
    • Trico Emerger; Black, (Sz 20-22)
  • Hexagenia
    • Hares Ear Nymph (Sz 12-14)
    • Green Drake Nymph (Sz 12-14)
    • Prince Nymph (Sz 12-14)
  • Slate Drake
    • Pheasant Tail (Sz 14-16)
    • Prince Nymph (Sz 14-16)
  • Caddis
    • Hares Ear Nymph (Sz 16-18)
    • Graphics Caddis (Sz 16-18)
    • Caddis Emerger (Sz 16-18)
  • Sucker Spawn (to mimic the roe of a Red Horse Sucker)
    • Sucker Spawn; Pink, Yellow, Green, Cream   (Sz 14-16)
  • Terrestrials
    • Ants; Black, Red (Sz 16-18
    • Hoppers; Tan, Yellow (Sz 10-14)
    • Crickets; Black (Sz 12-16)
    • Chernobyl Ant; Various colors (Sz 10-14)
  • Streamers (t o mimic bait fish and crawfish)
    • Wooley Buggers; Olive, Black, Tan, Orange (Sz 6-12)
    • Stone Fly Nymph; Black, Brown (Sz 8-14)
    • Zonkers; Olive, Black, Tan, Orange (Sz 6-12)
    • Epoxy Minnows (Sz 10-12)
    • Crawfish Patterns; Orange, Brown (Sz 8-10)

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