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  • What is your cancelation policy?
    While I do prefer to reschedule trips, I do realize that there are times when outside events can interfere with your fishing time. If you do need to cancel a trip I will refund your deposit if the cancelation is made 10 days prior to the outing. If it is less than 10 days until the outing and I am able to reschedule the day with another client I will also refund your deposit. I do keep an eye on the weather and if there are hazardous conditions I will work with you to reschedule the trip.
  • Do I need a fishing license?
    If you are 17 years or older, yes, you will need a valid Texas freshwater fishing license. You can obtain a license at any location where TPWD licenses are sold, or online. Click here to visit the TPWD online license sales site.
  • What should I bring with me?
    In addition to a valid freshwater fishing license, you will need to bring along a hat, sunglasses (polarized are preferred), camera, rod (4wt-6wt), reel, wading gear, a wading staff, any medications you might need and a change of clothes in case you fall in. In the winter, having extra layers of clothing is always a good idea.
  • What gear do you provide?
    I do provide rods, reels, waders and/or wet wading gear upon request. I always have extra rods and reels with me on all trips in case something breaks or, in the rush to pack, something gets left behind. If you need waders or boots, please let me know your height, waist size and shoe size prior to the outing so that I can make sure to have the correct sizes with me when we meet. Wader rentals are $20/person/day
  • Can I bring a 2 weight rod?
    While it is certainly fun to fish with lighter tackle, it often stresses the fish much more than necessary. Another concern I have with lighter rods is their ability to push a heavy or wind resistant fly through the wind and distances at or beyond 40 feet. The lightest rods I personally fish in the Texas Hill Country are 3 weight rods, and that is only when I am targeting sunfish on the Llano or San Marcos. For trout on the Guadalupe, I do not like to fish anything lighter than a 4 weight rod.
  • I have never fly fished (or been guided) before, what can I expect?"
    For many people, their first time fly fishing is more a learning experience than just another fishing trip. I teach many first time anglers every year the basics of casting, fly selection, aquatic entomology, knot tying and more. Some people come into the sport with a base knowledge that can be build upon while others are new to fishing all together. It is the teaching that, for me as a guide, is often the most rewarding part of any trip. The “Ah Ha!” moment for a new angler is often the spark that can reveal a fly fishing conversion. Finding out about the goals and expectations you have for the trip is part of our initial conversation and I tailor each trip based upon the information you give me about what you are wanting to learn and do while we are on the water.
  • When is the best time to fish for trout on the Guadalupe?
    ypically our season runs from late November through the end of March, with the better months for fishing being mid-December through mid-March. There are seasons that begin slightly earlier and, in cooler spring seasons, we can fish as late as early June. For more detailed information on what is fishing well at this time, please have a look at the Fishing Reports.
  • When is the best time to fish for bass?
    It is possible to fish for bass year-round in the Texas Hill Country but the better months for bass and other warm water species are March through June and late September through early December. Much like our trout fishing, there are years when conditions extend the season. For more detailed information on what is fishing well at this time, please have a look at the Fishing Reports
  • Where do we meet and at what time?
    Our meeting place and time will depend on the river we are fishing, the length of the trip (half day or full day) and the fishing conditions at that time. I will provide the final meeting location and time via phone or email prior to the outing and, if you need directions to the meeting location, will send along a map via email as well.
  • How long will we be out on the water?
    For a half day trip we will be on the water for four hours, on full day trips we will be out for 8 hours.
  • What type of lunches do you provide?
    I provide a lunch on all full day trips and upon request (for an additional $15/person) on half day trips. I try to keep my lunches interesting but can do anything from turkey and swiss to stream side grills. If you have any dietary restrictions, or a special request, please let me know at least 7 days prior to the trip so that I can plan accordingly.
  • Where is a good place to stay?
    There are various places to stay that are near to the different rivers. Please look at the Resources Page for more information on accommodations.
  • I have my significant other and/or kids with me, is there something for them to do while I fish?"
    I often tell people that it is a lot less expensive to have someone else teach your wife how to fly cast rather than it is to pay for a divorce lawyer. If your wife, girl friend or kids are not interested in learning about fly fishing there are other opportunities on the water such as bird watching, photography, or enjoying a quiet day on the water. If that doesn’t interest them, then let me know ahead of time and I help to suggest alternate activities for them while we are on the water.
  • Do you offer gift certificates?
    I do often provide gift certificates for birthday, anniversaries, special occasions, a client “thank you,” and the holidays. I do require a payment in full prior to issuing a gift certificate and the certificate will be good for one year from the date issued. Once I have received payment I can e-mail or snail mail the gift certificate with an additional page giving a list of what to bring. When you give a gift certificate it is very important that you have the recipient contact me in advance of the trip so that we can discuss their expectations for the trip, address any concerns about what to bring and finalize arrangements on where and when to meet.
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