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The Castell Guide Service offers fishing trips on numerous rivers throughout the Texas Hill Country. Most of our rivers in the Texas Hill Country are considered to be “plunge and pool” rivers, wherein the rivers will naturally pool for extended reaches (some over a mile long) only to change elevation (plunge) quickly over a very short reach. In the plunge areas we do see some lower classed rapids but there are few real dangers for paddlers who are respectful of the water and scout any unknown areas. A greater concern for navigation on the River of the Texas Hill Country are the braids that form across a river bed and, especially on rock gardens of the Llano, can make a fishing trip into an adventure when the wrong stream is chosen. Fortunately, it is easy to portage a kayak or canoe from one channel to another on most sections of river.

Rivers fished by the Castell Guide Service include: The Guadalupe River Tailwater (trout) The Llano River and South Llano River The San Marcos River The Colorado River in and below Austin

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